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Episode 211: A Real Estate Attorney’s Perspective on Avoiding Pitfalls with Derek Carrillo
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The podcast featuring Jennifer J. Hammond features an engrossing discussion between the seasoned real estate lawyer and title company owner Derek Carrillo.

Together, they examine typical blunders committed by investors and real estate brokers, bringing attention to the unlicensed practice of law and emphasizing the value of working with an informed team during real estate transactions.

Derek discusses the difficulties encountered by real estate brokers who attempt to practice law, stressing the need of having the humility to acknowledge when one is not an expert.

The conversation also touches on Florida’s title company industry, emphasizing how important it is to select the right group and comprehend the subtleties of the closing procedure.

Derek’s exploration of the world of multi-family real estate investments creates an interesting digression in the conversation.

He emphasizes how crucial it is to plan ahead and put together a strong team, particularly for individuals entering the multifamily market.

Jennifer and Derek also discuss how Florida’s property insurance market is constantly changing and how this affects real estate investors.


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Discover real estate excellence with Jennifer J. Hammond, your guide to success in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland markets. With over 20 years of expertise, Jennifer offers empowering insights and personalized strategies through her books, podcasts, and courses. Experience the dedication and passion that make every real estate journey with Jennifer truly transformative.

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