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Episode 85: The Secret To Get Your Dream Home with Ela Badura

Ela Badura is a spiritual healer, psycho-spiritual teacher, entrepreneur, and the bestselling author of Stay In the Marriage or Let it Go. She immigrated from Poland after high school and found home in Atlanta, Georgia. Not knowing a single person or a language, she conquered many obstacles. She graduated in business from Georgia State University with the highest honors and became an entrepreneur while working two jobs and raising a family.

After going through a series of painful events and losses, she experienced a Dark Night of a Soul. All the dysfunctional and traumatic past and present came flooding at once, shaking Ela at her core and changing her life forever. This led to her spiritual awakening that brought clarity, connection, and peace.

Since her childhood, Ela was interested in psychology, personal development, psychic abilities, healing and spirituality. The spiritual awakening inspired her to study all those subjects on a much deeper level and to use her knowledge and experience to help others. She is writing books, creates self-help materials, programs, workshops and mastermind groups in English and Polish. Ela hopes to expand her work into other languages. She is planning on starting her podcast and speaking engagements in a near future.

Ela is passionate about meditation, nature, and healing body, mind and spirit. She understands that gifts come from struggles and traumas. She is very grateful and blessed to be able to guide others to find love, joy, empowerment and liberation even in the darkest of circumstances.


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