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Episode 66: Creating Systems For Realtors To Help Them Be More Efficient with Eliza Harkins

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About Eliza Harkins:

Eliza Harkins went to Princeton University for her degree in Environmental Engineering. While doing her senior thesis work, she won an SBIR award for $1.2 million from the Department of Defense. After that, she worked as an analyst at Bloomberg LP developing data-driven products for them.

Eliza went to Cornell for her MBA. While there, she won the Fried Fellowship for academic excellence. Also, she came up with the idea of Kipit initially as a school project, but eventually went on to found it as a company. Eliza also launched Mori, a website app where people can create and share their living wills with their loved ones.

Eliza built an algorithm that predicted where terrorist groups in Africa were recruiting and training, got funded via a SBIR award from the US Department of the Secretary of Defense. It had an 84% success rate, and was able to help with military and non military strategy in the region. The algorithm was based upon climate change data amongst other factors.


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