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Episode 62: Secrets To Success As An Actress And An Entrepreneur with Denice Duff

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As Denice grew up and lived on her own, she became an actress, and the idea of paying half of her paycheck for a little designer face cream that was filled with mostly chemical fillers just didn’t make sense. But working in front of the camera demanded great skincare. Denice would get great D.I.Y. tips from top Hollywood makeup artists and Beverly Hills dermatologists. So she continued her family’s tradition and started making her own facial elixirs in her kitchen from crushed herbs, teas, oils, even fermenting her own fruits!

This never-ending passion has resulted in the supercharged, toxin-free, botanically rich, and nourishing recipes of all the IN YOUR FACE products.

Denice Marie Duff is an American actress, director, and photographer, who is best known for her roles as Michelle Morgan in Full Moon Features’ Subspecies series and as Amanda Browning in the long-running soap opera series The Young and the Restless.


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