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Episode 55: International Real Estate Including Kosovo and Serbia with Philip Walter Smith

Philip have decades of experience in all phases of real estate including development, construction, management, and sales. His first real estate deal was in 1971. One of his degrees is in real estate and worked on his master’s degree in International Real Estate. In Kosovo and Serbia, he operated the only approved real estate appraisal firm. In addition, Philip spent more than 20 years in the financial sector in California, Maine, and Maryland. For many years Philip was a tax expert on individual and corporate income tax in Maine and California. Philip owned two very successful H&R Block franchises which were bought back by Block. When Philip took control of his life, it included taking control of the financial matters. Today he is financially independent because he took the steps to protect his assets. Philip don’t have to work but retired once and the retirement life is not for him. Philip’s work now includes real estate investments in the US, Kyrgyzstan, and Ghana. He understand all real estate. The companies Philip now control in the US, Kyrgyzstan, and Ghana have a strict policy that 20% of the gross (not net) income from every project they do is set aside for charity. They will be building schools, libraries, senior housing, retired military housing, low-income housing, and small retail stores so start-ups will have a chance. After my near-death experiences, Philip took control of his mind, body (and lost 95 pounds), and his stress levels which today are almost zero. Another area of real estate expertise that he can share with you is a report he completed for the World Bank in 2004 which researched the real estate bubbles and busts in 28 different countries. He predicted the same thing was happening in the US and it would come out in the open within one or two years.


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