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Episode 52: Zoom Makeover with Shelley Golden

Whether you are with a Fortune 500 company or a small organization, it’s now more important than ever to elevate your brand and up your game by creating a visually pleasing online presence to increase engagement with your client and eliminating distractions.

As more and more people work from home as result of COVID, Shelley created the ZOOM MAKEOVER to help companies, professionals and speakers transform and improve your on-line screen presence by increasing trustworthiness, improving engagement and elevating your personal brand.

As an International Personal Branding Image Consultant for 20+ years, she created this timely and innovative 5 step ZOOM MAKEOVER process to improve your online screen presence for business, speaking or videos by aligning all the visual aspects in the Zoom “box” to match your brand and your message.

When you want to inspire, make an impact, and have people pay attention to you and what you’re saying, everything needs to be in alignment.

Camera angle
Background – nice, non-distracting, artistically balanced
What style and color clothing works best in the particular space and what colors to avoid
Zoom specific make-up
Having lived in Amsterdam for 10 years, Shelley studied the Dutch Masters and the Impressionists and approaches each ZOOM MAKEOVER as an artist creating a painting. She draws the viewers eye to you like a bullseye amongst your nice, neat, non-distracting background with subliminal lines of perspective, balance, color and lighting.

Shelley has spoken to and worked with companies, organizations and individuals across the United States and Canada and would love to share her gift of helping you look your best online to attract the people you want into your life during this unprecedented time of living and working on Zoom.


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