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Episode 37: Choices: Making Moves to Win! in Real Estate with Dr Flowers

Jennifer J Hammond and Dr Flowers discuss how do you make good decisions in real estate? Furthermore, how can you look at your choices differently then “mistakes” when you wish you had mad a better choice. Dr. Flowers shares her personal story of selling her home and buying a condominium from a place of fear. How can you prevent the fear factor from leaking into your decisions? Dr. Velva Burley Flowers is the Founder of anSpire, a non-profit organization in the State of Michigan and Chief Empowerment Officer of Flowers Institute, LLC and she is the Spiritual Architect of “Choices: Making Moves to Win!” ‘Choices’ is a preventive, life care, educational curriculum that teaches youth, how to use the principles of chess to think strategically and make moves that propel them toward their goals. Her aim, her passion and her desire is to help young people make positive choices that deter self-destructive behaviors and spur upward, forward movement in their lives and their communities. Dr. Flowers is a professional Human Resource Trainer, Empowerment Coach and Certified Diversity Professional. She has provided instructional training in areas such as Leadership Development, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Change Management to professional organizations all over the world including UAW, Chrysler Corporation, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, Mercedes Benz, Abbott Laboratories, Bristol Myers Squibb, Miller-Canfield, Itaka, Visalus and many more companies. Dr. Flowers initially thought she should create stories for the book because of her extensive human resource training background. As she began to engage the project, she received revelation that she should ask men to share two life experiences: one expressing a good choice and the other a poor choice. After confirming the men, Dr. Flowers identified fifteen male youth and took them through interviewing skills training, arranged the interviews and conducted writing workshops. Each chapter gives background on the youth author and details each man’s story using the principles of chess to highlight the lessons learned. The result is the ‘Trailblazer’ edition of the book ‘Choices: Making Moves to Win!’ ‘Choices’ has received an award for best book in the category of fiction, literature and autobiography for Jabez book and business expo. The book has also won book of the month for Fresh Lifestyle Magazine.


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