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Episode 36: Hackers in Real Estate with Ida Byrd-Hill

Jennifer J Hammond interviews Ida Byrd-Hill. she is an economist, futurist, educator, author of eight books, tech guru and CEO of Automation Workz, a cybersecurity reskilling and diversity consulting firm. Our firm was ranked in the top 10 Cybersecurity Bootcamps in the nation. Ida received my Bachelors in Economics from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and MBA from the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University specializing in People Management and Strategy. Jennifer and Ida discuss how NOT to become a victim of hackers. Did. you know diverse populations are 52% of the $17 Trillion US Market
How to tap into this power-market and transform the way we do
business? Do you want an Inspiration to Pivot? Celebrate Black Invention History
There are five Facts that Diversity is Lucrative! Also, every CEO needs a Diversity Lens Coach to Seize Market Revenue and the five Corporate Gangster Moves CEOs Should Consider. Did you know that Blacks Solved the Talent Shortage of the Agricultural & Industrial
Revolutions, So Why Not the Digital Revolution?
What is re-skilling and how is Reskilling America the Future of Work
Also, Hacking in America is in a Cyber War Looking for Warriors. Interested? Hacking in real estate transactions is up. How can you protect yourself from becoming a victim of hacking.
Ida discusses ways to Commit to the Pivot of Your Life
Did you know Racism Increased Black COVID-19 Deaths
Very valuable tips to prevent phone cyber hacks for Realtors


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