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Episode 30: H.O.P.E. at Home with Susan Zimerman

Jennifer J Hammond’s guest, Susan Zimmerman, discusses H.O.P.E at home. Susan reveals the secrets to COVID-19 blues, depression and how during these stormy times, changing grief from having a grip on you to creating a beautiful future for you, your friends and your family? They confront the idea of how to get a GRIP on growth even in tough transitions. Also, three potent prompts for finding your way and discover new HOPE to guide your grief journey as you may transition from one home to another. Furthermore, Jennifer and Susan take a deep dive into what’s the secret to putting the sparkle back in your sapped spirit? You can rediscover your strengths and gain fresh optimism on the future! YAY! Susan Zimmerman is a licensed marriage and family therapist and chartered financial consultant who has been helping people navigate life transitions for more than thirty years. In her psychology studies, she specialized in grief, loss, and trauma. Susan has been called the “Queen of Acronyms” as the creator of hundreds of therapeutic acronyms that provide memorable tips to live by, especially during challenging changes. She is the author of six books, the most recent is Rays of Hope: Lighting the Way in Life’s Transitions and Losses. Susan’s been featured on TV and radio, and in multiple publications, including Forbes, Woman’s World, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Money, Chicago Tribune, and Psychology Today. For more information, please contact Jennifer J Hammond at or you can learn about grants for down payments and the home buying process from Jennifer J Hammond or if you are interested in real estate investing go to WOW! so much to learn! so fun! YAY!


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