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Episode 28: Team Building in Real Estate Investing With Former Football Player with Lee Rubin

Jennifer J Hammond and Lee Rubin discuss the importance of team building when doing real estate investing. They discuss there is no “I” in team. How importance are the “Fundamentals” to building a real estate investing team. The quote from Bruce Lee, ” I do not fear the man who practices 10,000 kicks but I fear the man who practices one kick 10,000 times”. and the importance of going to the basics in anything as the famous coach Vince Lombardi said: “This is a football.” Always study and re-study the fundamentals of anything you want to truly master. You must be part of a team to win in life and in real estate investing. For more than twenty years, Lee Rubin has been building high performance teams in Corporate America, athletics, and non-profit organizations. This strong core foundation was built early in Lee’s life as he was a highly recruited student-athlete who later became a Captain of the Penn State football team. After college, Lee continued building teams as a Human Resource professional – building teams for some of the country’s most prominent corporations across a variety of industries. Currently, as a keynote speaker and performance coach, Lee shares his message on stages throughout the country. For more information, please contact Jennifer J Hammond at or you can learn about grants for down payments and the home buying process from Jennifer J Hammond or if you are interested in real estate investing go to WOW! so much to learn! so fun! YAY!


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