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Episode 221: Innovative Solutions for Wildfire Mitigation in Real Estate with Steve Wolf
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Join bestselling author, educator, speaker, and licensed realtor Jennifer J. Hammond as she explores the important subject of how fire affects property values and community resilience.

Jennifer asks Steve Wolf to talk about the difficulties caused by wildfires, how they affect property values, and creative ways to keep homes and neighborhoods safe in this episode.

Co-founder of Team Wildfire Steve Wolf discusses the FIREV initiative (Fire Impacted Real Estate Valuation) and the significant effects of wildfires on environmental quality, marketability, and property insurance.

They discuss the significance of proactive steps and community-led mitigation programs to protect homes from the growing risk of wildfires.

Discover how technology, community engagement, and education play crucial roles in mitigating fire risks and fostering resilient communities.

From leveraging Hollywood-inspired wind-driven suppression systems to fostering local partnerships, Steve and Jennifer offer practical strategies for homeowners, real estate agents, and community leaders to address the challenges posed by wildfires.

Tune in to gain valuable insights, explore innovative solutions, and join the conversation on building fire-resilient communities.


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