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Episode 220: How Autistic Contractors Can Transform Your Home Repairs / Dr. Angela Lauria
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This episode features Dr. Angela Lauria, the host of the Autistic Culture Podcast, as a very special guest of Jennifer.

Angela, who was diagnosed with autism later in life, offers a distinct viewpoint on the relationship between autism and real estate.

Find out why it can be a huge difference to hire an autistic person to fix your house. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Angela offers insights into the culture of autistic people, concentrating on the shared characteristic of monotropic focus.

Regardless of their level of intelligence, autistic people have a strong focus on a particular interest, which makes them careful and passionate problem solvers.

Examine how employing contractors with autism, such as home inspectors, can result in a comprehensive assessment of your house.

Angela emphasizes how their attention to detail pays off, offering first-time homebuyers insightful advice and resulting in a situation that benefits both of them.

As Angela highlights the value of comprehending and appreciating the distinctive strengths that autistic people bring to a variety of fields, including real estate and home improvement, discover the joy and celebration of autistic culture.

For more fascinating insights into various facets of autistic culture, subscribe to the Autistic Culture Podcast.

Understand the neurotype better while learning to recognize and appreciate the joy that comes with being autistic.


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