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Episode 22: DEAD for 30 Minutes! with Gerard Long

Jennifer J Hammond discusses with Gerard Long how to find purpose and hope in tough times. The stress of buying or selling a house can feel overwhelming at times. However, did you know that in 2017, the WHO also know as the World Health Organization announced that the number one global illness was depression and the number one cause of death for those under 35 was suicide. Both depression and suicide are symptoms of hopelessness and with the COVID-19 pandemic it has exasperated the problem many times over. Gerard Long discusses how can we reverse the trend and provide hope to the hopeless. He is often called a professor of life since no one knows better than Gerard Long In fact, Gerard actually died for 30 minutes and miraculously awoke with a sense of divine mission to give hope to the hopeless. He has lived a blessed life with a beautiful family a successful career as a successful international banker. However, suddenly his world fell apart after the suicide of his beloved youngest son, the near break up of his marriage and the unbelievable death of his beautiful daughter. As if this wasn’t enough pain, in the same eight year period, his beloved sister and brother also died as did a nephew. The journey of rising from the ashes included Gerard facing financial ruin after the betrayal of a so-called “friend” and his beautiful wife was diagnosed with cancer. Next, Gerard discovered invaluable keys to help others to have hope and purpose while journeying through suffering Jennifer and Gerard discuss keys to help the journey through suffering as well as how to find your purpose in life. Also, they discussed could your suffering be a calling to help others? How to restore love when your spouse hates you and blames you for all the losses. How to journey through financial ruin and be a phoenix rising from the ashes. What are things you should never do when you’re suffering. Girard Long has appeared on CNN the BBC, ITV and many other iInternational TV channels he is “it was on the front page of USA today and in the daily telegraph and Financial Times as well as many other newspapers. For more information, please contact Jennifer J Hammond at or you can learn about grants for down payments and the home buying process from Jennifer J Hammond or if you are interested in real estate investing go to WOW! so much to learn! so fun! YAY!


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