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Episode 218: Housing And Mortgages Impacts On Military Families And Veterans with Paul Lawrence Vann
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In this fascinating episode of the Jennifer J. Hammond podcast, Paul Lawrence Vann joins Jennifer to talk about the urgent problem of military mortgages, which affects active duty, Guard, and Reserve members as well as their families.

Paul highlights the difficulties military families face and the effects these have on their lives, with 6,000 homes presently in foreclosure and an additional 34,000 delinquent.

Paul, a financial expert and veteran, talks about his time spent working for the Veterans Administration and on Capitol Hill.

They explore the bright spots and cooperative attempts to resolve the situation, stressing the value of aiding military families, who frequently experience particular financial difficulties.

The topic of VA loans and the impending Veterans Assistance Servicing Purchase program, which aims to give veterans and their families access to affordable mortgage options, are also discussed.

Paul and Jennifer talk about efforts to fight homelessness in the veteran community as they consider the future.


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