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Episode 217: Unlocking the Intangible: Navigating The Eerie Feelings In Real Estate / Cynthia Girman
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They explore a subject that frequently leaves us in the real estate industry with more questions than answers in this enlightening episode with Dr. Cindy Girman. Have you ever entered a house and been uneasy, questioning if it’s the right place for you? You’re not alone, though!

In this episode, Dr. Cindy Girman joins Jennifer, a bestselling author, educator, and licensed realtor, to talk about the intangible aspects of house hunting that go beyond just specs. They discuss the significance of recognizing the enigmatic sensations we occasionally experience when we enter a home.

Dr. Cindy offers her knowledge of how to identify bad energy in a home as well as insights into customs that some people think can remove it.

She investigates ways to change the atmosphere, from burning sage to placing salt and prayers in corners.

The pair talks about the difference between an empty and furnished house and how important it is to find a place that feels truly right for you.

Still, that’s not all! Dr. Cindy shares details of her personal journey, including the intense grief she went through following the untimely death of her son from a Kratom overdose.

She tells the amazing tale of how she used automatic writing to write a book, “A Voice from Heaven,” in just six weeks, giving her late son a voice to share his insights from beyond the grave.

Dr. Cindy talks about her efforts to educate people about the risks associated with Kratom and how she is supporting UNC’s addiction research as a way to give back.

She provides information on how to read her inspiring book, make a donation to the cause, and find out more.


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