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Episode 216: Transforming a Historic Church into a Home and Artistic Haven with Mike Major
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Welcome to yet another motivational episode of the podcast hosted by Jennifer J. Hammond! We are so excited to have Mike Major, who is incredibly talented, as our guest in this episode.

Mike talks about his incredible journey of turning an abandoned church from 1877 into a gorgeous home—a project that was eventually highlighted on HGTV!
Together with Mike, Jennifer—a certified real estate agent, lecturer, educator, and best-selling author—dives deeply into the fields of restoration, art, and real estate.

Hear Mike talk about the joy of creating a unique and artistic home, as well as the challenges and successes of restoring a historic building—from the original three-weekend plan to a three-year adventure.

As a working artist, Mike also talks about how real estate investments have helped him financially by providing a consistent stream of income for his creative pursuits flow in the erratic financial environment that artists frequently encounter.

This episode explores life transformation, creative expression, and financial stability in addition to building transformation.

A stimulating fusion of history, art, and real estate knowledge awaits you!


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