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Episode 215: Can You Build A Home For Under $50,000 In Less Than 30 Days? / Liah Kraft-Kristaine
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We explore the fascinating topic of creating a stormproof home and a stormproof mindset in this energizing episode of the Jennifer J. Hammond Podcast. Jennifer, a certified real estate agent, instructor, lecturer, and best-selling writer, is joined by the motivational Liah, who shares her amazing experience and expertise.

Liah’s skill at building sturdy homes for less than $50,000 in less than 30 days is a metaphor for creating a life that is storm-resistant, not just a conversation about architecture.

They go over how to begin with choosing the appropriate land and how to deal with the difficulties of permits and inspections.

Liah’s do-it-yourself approach to plumbing, wiring, and other tasks goes beyond simple house renovation to include empowering people to take ownership of their lives.

But more than just physical structures are at play in this episode. Liah and Jennifer go deeply into the idea of having a “stormproof mindset,” which is crucial for overcoming obstacles in both life and real estate.

They impart insightful knowledge on developing oneself, getting past mental obstacles, and maintaining composure in the face of difficulty.

As they talk about these revolutionary concepts, Jennifer’s excitement for discovering “yay” in daily life is evident. This episode is a must-listen if you’re interested in real estate, do-it-yourself home building, personal development, or are just looking for motivation to face the obstacles in your own life!


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