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Episode 214: Focus on Positive Thinking in Real Estate with Lynn Patner
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Jennifer, an experienced real estate agent, teacher, and best-selling author, sits down with the amazing Lynn in this thought-provoking discussion to discuss the important subject of limiting beliefs about money and how they affect real estate success.

In this episode, Lynn discusses how childhood beliefs, particularly those that are deeply ingrained, can have a big impact on our careers as real estate agents.

She talks about how our beliefs are attracted to our thoughts, which can either limit or maximize our potential in the competitive real estate market.

Lynn walks us through everything from the age-old proverb “money doesn’t grow on trees” to the idea of scarcity in customer acquisition recognizing and getting past these mental obstacles.

She provides doable techniques and tools, like self-inquiry, kindness, and gratitude exercises, to help break through limiting beliefs and cultivate an abundance and success-oriented mindset.


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