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Episode 213: Navigating Divorce: Avoiding Costly Real Estate Mistakes with Donna S. Cates
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This episode explores the complex realm of divorce and real estate with Jennifer, a bestselling author, educator, speaker, and licensed realtor.

They discuss the expensive errors people frequently make during a divorce, particularly with regard to real estate decisions, with the addition of Donna Cates, a certified divorce financial analyst and mediator.

The discussion delves deeply into the financial and emotional challenges of keeping or selling the family home in the midst of a divorce.

Especially in places like Florida where natural disasters have a big influence on property insurance rates, Donna offers her knowledge on common pitfalls like underestimating ongoing maintenance costs, property taxes, and insurance.

Jennifer and Donna also talk about the importance of refinancing mortgages and the difficulties that come with money, especially for women who have younger children want to keep their family’s house.

They stress how crucial it is to comprehend every financial facet of house ownership after a divorce.

In addition, Donna discusses her roles as a mediator and a divorce financial analyst, emphasizing the distinctions between them and her strategy for assisting clients in navigating the financial ups and downs of divorce.


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