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Episode 212: Sailing Through Real Estate: Tia Lilly and Jennifer J Hammond on Cape Cod Living
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Jennifer, a bestselling author, educator, speaker, and licensed realtor, delves into the intriguing world of waterfront properties in this episode.

Tia Lilly, the owner, broker, and creator of Property Cape Cod Real Estate, will be joining her on the program.

Tia lives on Cape Cod, while Jennifer is from Florida, so they talk about the subtle differences between living on the waterfront in each place.

They explore the various meanings of “waterfront” and the important questions to consider when looking for properties in this type of area.

Tia offers her knowledge of the different kinds of waterfront properties on Cape Cod, such as those with docks, direct oceanfront, lakes, and ponds.

The discussion covers the significance of comprehending regional legislation, variations in coastal ordinances, and the effect on real estate values.

The episode also discusses the current state of the real estate market, with a focus on waterfront properties in particular.

Tia talks about the difficulties sellers have in assessing the worth of their houses and the importance of hiring an expert who is knowledgeable about waterfront properties.


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