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Episode 200: Karl Smith at #Bloomberg Is Saying “America Should Be A Nation Of Renters” Also, Foreign Countries Are Buying USA Real Estate with Beverly Smirnis

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In this episode, Jennifer Hammond, a licensed realtor, educator, speaker, and bestselling author, explores a crucial and often overlooked topic—foreign investment in America’s real estate market.

Jennifer’s guest for this episode is Beverly, a seasoned journalist and author who brings a unique perspective to the discussion. Beverly shares her journey into writing historical fiction novels set during the Great Depression and World War II, which ultimately led her to uncover the striking parallels between past events and the current foreign investment landscape.

The conversation delves into the concerning trend of foreign governments, particularly the Chinese Communist Party, acquiring vast amounts of American real estate. Beverly emphasizes that this is not a new phenomenon and highlights the potential risks and implications for American citizens.

Together, Jennifer and Beverly dissect the impact of foreign investment on housing, infrastructure, farmland, and even food security. They explore the challenges faced by smaller builders in competing with national builders and the need for a balanced approach to foreign investment.

Discover why it’s essential to be aware of these developments, question the status quo, and engage in thoughtful discussions about preserving America’s way of life. Jennifer and Beverly’s candid conversation sheds light on an issue that affects us all and underscores the importance of staying informed.


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