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Episode 199: How To Create Your Dream Home Regardless Of A Sudden Unexpected Death Of Your Spouse with Cristina Ramirez

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In this inspiring episode of the Jennifer J Hammond podcast, join Jennifer J Hammond, a licensed realtor, educator, speaker, and best-selling author, as she explores the concept of making wherever you live feel like your dream home. She’s joined by special guest Cristina, an online coach, best-selling author, and business owner who shares her own powerful story of transitioning from her dream home to a new, unexpected chapter in her life.

Cristina’s journey takes her from Miami to the small rural town of Taos, New Mexico, where she and her family find their dream home. However, life takes an unexpected turn when tragedy strikes, and she’s faced with the challenge of moving to Santa Fe. She reveals the emotional process of letting go of her dream home and how she found a new perspective on happiness and fulfillment.

Throughout the conversation, Jennifer and Cristina discuss the importance of finding happiness in the present moment, embracing change, and shifting your perspective to see opportunities in discomfort. They also touch on the power of curiosity, the impact of choices, and the significance of being open to the unknown.

Join them on this heartfelt journey of resilience, growth, and empowerment. Discover how you can transform any place into a home that truly resonates with your heart.


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