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Episode 193: From Selling A TV Show To Investing In Private Equity with Eddie Wilson

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In this engaging podcast episode, Jennifer J. Hammond sits down with Eddie Wilson, a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and philanthropist, to discuss his remarkable journey from the world of television and radio to becoming a third-generation real estate investor and founder of impactful nonprofit organizations. Eddie shares his insights into navigating the world of entrepreneurship, including his experiences in selling TV shows, investing in real estate, and building a successful private equity firm.

As they delve into the real estate market’s current state, Eddie sheds light on the prevailing misconceptions, explaining why it’s crucial to differentiate between the perspectives of consumers and investors. Discover the hottest real estate markets, the potential of multifamily investments, and the role of private equity in shaping the industry.

The conversation takes a heartwarming turn as Eddie passionately describes his nonprofit ventures. He discusses Christian Media International (CMI) and Impact Others, organizations that blend faith-based values with impactful humanitarian efforts. With CMI, Eddie aims to provide hope and education through media to third-world countries, while Impact Others focuses on sustainable projects such as feeding centers, orphanages, clean water initiatives, and empowering communities through job creation.

Join Jennifer and Eddie as they explore the power of combining entrepreneurship with philanthropy, lifting others up, and making a lasting impact on communities around the world.


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