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Episode 141: Real Estate Agents: Did Zoom/Video At Home Happy Hours Become An Addiction. . . During The Pandemic? with Dana Golden

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I’m Dana
A Certified Family Recovery Coach (NCFRC) and Recovery Coach (NCRC), author, and advocate for those that have a loved one struggling with substance use.
Growing up as a child in a household of addiction, I quickly learned the coping mechanisms required to endure in such an environment. For years, I repeated the same patterns of denial, shutting down, enabling and codependency in relationships with other substance use disorders. Ultimately, I turned inward and focused on recovery for myself, in order to find purpose and happiness once more.
Even with my vast personal experience, recovery did not come easily. I found myself filled with anger, resentment, and anxiety. Through my relationship with a partner suffering with substance use disorders, I came to see just how deeply affected I was by my loved one’s addiction. And through great introspection, I realized I could no longer blame others for my situation. The responsibility to create the life I envisioned belonged to me and me alone.


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