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Episode 105: Asset Protection For Real Estate And Businesses with Bob Bluhm Part 1

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As a national leader in asset protection, attorney Robert “Bob” Bluhm has specialized in the creation of legal frameworks designed to give business owners and investors peace of mind in today’s litigious society. Bob creates customized business structures tailored to the investing goals of each individual client – creating entities that maximize tax advantages, and protection against litigation.
In his 30-years as an attorney, Bob has had the opportunity to serve as a trial lawyer, an author, and a guest speaker. In the courtroom, he represented companies of all sizes – from Fortune 500 to privately held businesses. As a speaker, Bob has shared the stage with public figures including Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Presidents Clinton and Bush. He has also been a guest lecturer to financial icons including Donald Trump, Jim Cramer, David Bach, Jean Chatzky and Suze Orman.


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